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We Never Give Up the Fight!

Report This is the first report on the findings from the survey.

Unsafe Educational Spaces

Infographic The infographic provides information on the experiences of respondents in educational institutions.

Disability within the LGBTQ+ Women's Community

Infographic The infographic provides information on the prevalence of disabilities among survey respondents, including mental health, physical/mobility, neurodiversity, learning, sensory, and other disabilities.

Key Social Lenses

Infographic This infographic provides valuable insights into the key social lenses that inform and shape LGBTQ+ Women's lived experiences and perspectives.

Education and Income

Infographic This infographic explores the correlation between education and income among survey respondents.

Demographic description of survey respondents

Infographic Demographic descriptions of survey respondents

Sexuality changes over a lifetime

Infographic Changing sexuality over life course

A Generational Divide

Infographic A generational divide across political views

LGBTQ+ Women Identity

Infographic LGBTQ+ Women Identity

Policy Priorities

Infographic Policy Priorities

Executive Summary "We Never Give Up the Fight"

Report Executive Summary of the first report on the survey.

Urvashi Vaid's Extraordinary Legacy at Justice Work.

Document A short description of the work initiated by Urvashi at Justice Work

What relationship type currently best describes you?

Data Visualization Alison Bechdel sketch - specially made for us!